Cowboy Sponsor $3250


  • A title Sponsor of the event you select (Choose one event):

    • NOTE: PLEASE complete the sponsor choice page during registration

      • Floor Stickers - GeoComm

      • Monday Coffee Break - Safe Cities Co.

      • Monday P.M. Snack Break - Integrated Computer Systems (ICS)

      • Tuesday Coffee Break - Decan International

      • Yoga Mats - Prepared

      • Conference Committee Lunch - Ecopia



  • One (1) Full Attendee registration

  • 10×10 Booth in the Exhibit Hall (reservation and payment required by the Exhibit Hall deadline)

  • Recognition at Opening Session

  • Attendee list after the conference

  • Recognition of sponsorship in conference program beside sponsored item change font

  • Listing of sponsorship on IP Hall signage

  • Display logo and link to sponsor’s website on TX-APCO and TX-NENA websites for one year

  • Display logo and link to sponsor’s website on the Conference website for one year

1 FULL Conference Registrations are included with your sponsorship. You must select the Optional ADDITIONAL STAFF REGISTRATION for each additional Staff Member BEYOND the INCLUDED STAFF REGISTRATION that will be attending. Please contact Kelle Hall for the codes for the included registrations.