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Adam Timm_edited.jpg

Adam Timm
The Healthy Dispatcher

Beat 9-1-1 Burnout: Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

4/4/2023 Ballroom 2nd Floor 9:00A - 10:00A

People Driven Leadership: How to Improve Morale & Center Culture

4/4/23 Ballroom 2nd Floor 1:00P - 2:00P

Adam began his 18-year career in public safety as a 9-1-1 dispatcher for Los Angeles Police Department, where he spent over a decade under the headset.


Ricardo Martinez_edited.jpg

Ricardo Martinez
Within the Trenches

Imagine Listening

Imagine Listening

Ricardo Martinez II is a creative individual who is using his skills in writing, design, and podcasting to tell the stories of those he works with. For 13 years he has answered the call of a 9-1-1 dispatcher. Throughout his years in dispatch he was able to go to school where he received an Associate’s in web development through Baker College, a Bachelor’s in graphic design through Full Sail University as well as a Master’s in new media journalism in March of 2013.


Christy Williams
Director of NTC9-1-1

A Better YOU: 7 Strategies to Wellness

4/3/2023 Yacht 4:30P - 5:30P

Keeping it Real with Real Time Text to 9-1-1

4/4/2023 Schooner 9:00A - 10:00A

Co-presenters: Tonie Dunne & LeAnna Russell

Christy serves as the Director of NCT9-1-1. They are the  planning agency for 9-1-1 in fourteen counties. NCT9-1-1 serves over 40 PSAPs in an area surrounding  Dallas/Ft. Worth. Christy has been in the 9-1-1 industry for over thirty years and has held numerous  offices in Texas NENA as well as serving as the national president of NENA from 2014-2016. She is a  servant leader and hopes to change the world!


C Williams_edited.jpg
Bridget Truxillo_edited.jpg

Bridget Truxillo
Protective Wellness &
Yoga for First Responders


4/4/2023 Area West of Registration 7:00A - 7:30A


4/5/2023 Area West of Registration 7:00A - 7:30A

Yoga For First Responders

4/4/2022 Yacht 3:25P - 4:25P

Law enforcement officers who are overwhelmed and frustrated are able to leverage Bridget’s 30 years of wellness, leadership, law enforcement and legal training and experience for a blueprint on how to easily feel more comfort, ease and support for increased balance and joy in life.


Jason Smith & Panel
North Central Texas Emergency Communications District

TX TERT: A Tale of Two Deployments

4/3/2023 Galleon I 1:00P - 2:00P

Co- Presenters 

Brittney Burross & Tyler Brown

Jason Smith, ENP is the 9-1-1 Operations Manager for the North Central Texas Emergency Communications District and has 24 years of service in public safety. Jason oversees the NCT9-1-1 Operations team which is responsible for monitoring and compliance, public education, communications, and training for over 40 Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs).


Jason Smith
Abbey Duddek  - Tarrant County 9-1-1_edited.png

Abbey Dudek
Tarrant County 9-1-1

Likes, Follows & Shares, Oh My!

A 9-1-1 Public Educators Potential to Reach Thousands

Abbey Duek is the Communications Coordinator at Tarrant County 9-1-1 District and has been there for six years. She handles all public relations regarding 9-1-1 education, including maintaining the site, social media platforms, podcasts, graphic design, content writing, videography, editing, community networking, and community events.



Dwane Razzetti
Rave Mobile Safety

9-1-1's Critical Roll in Informed Responses

4/4/2022 Galleon I 2:15P - 3:15P

Dwane as a Public Safety Solutions Architect, has worked for Rave with many customers in 9-1-1 and emergency preparedness. Dwane has extensive experience as a police officer, fire fighter and emergency management director. He has presented at many functions including conferences and police/fire academies. He was a certified police instructor for New Jersey.


Tanya Lee_edited.jpg
Dwane Razzetti

Tanya Lee
Evans Care &
Denise Amber Lee

Denis Amber Lee Foundations

Why do They Stay?

4/4/2022 Galleon II 2:15P - 3:15P

Evans Cares

Can My Environment Make Me Sick?

4/5/2022 Yacht 2:15P - 3:15P

Tanya Lee is the Manager of EvansCare, Preventative Maintenance and Console  Cleaning Services. She has over 20 years working in the medical field and has been working in the 911  industry for the past seven years. She is passionate about improving the overall health of mission critical  environments and maintaining an optimal work environment for dispatchers. She resides in Florida with  her husband Nathan and their seven children.


Joe Serio
360° Dispatcher

Turbocharging Your Time:

Outrageous Productivity in a World of Distraction

4/4/2020 Galleon III 2:15P - 3:15P

Making a Real Connection:

Critical Elements in Training

4/5/2022 Galleon II 1:00P - 3:15P

Postitive Interaction with Difficult People

4/5/2022 Galleon I 3:30P - 4:30P

Dr. Joe Serio delivers conference presentations and trainings on leadership and wellness, focusing on providing tools to address the fear that keeps us from maximizing our potential.



Anna Courie_edited.jpg

Ed Vea
NGA 9-1-1

Benefits of the Cloud

4/4/2022 Schooner 2:15P - 3:15P

Ed is an engineer executive with global experience in telecommunications and
next generation technologies. At NGA 911, he is a member of an unparalleled team of industry experts
engineering Next Generation 9-1-1 for the Cloud where it belongs.


Tony Harrison_edited.jpg

Dr. Anne Courie
Director of Responder Wellness, FirstNet Program at  AT&T

Public Safety Readiness: Past, Present and Future 

Operations Through the Lens of Wellness.

4/4/2022 Yacht 2:15P- 3:15P 

Dr. Anna Fitch Courie, Director of Responder Wellness, FirstNet Program at  AT&T is a nurse, Army wife, former university faculty, and author. Anna holds a Bachelor’s in Nursing  from Clemson University; a Master’s in Nursing Education from the University of Wyoming; and a Doctor  of Nursing Practice degree from Ohio State University.



Ed Vea_edited.jpg

Tony Harrison
Public Safety Group

Tony is the President of The Public Safety Group. He has more than 30 years of
public safety communications experience. He has lectured to over 20,000 public safety professionals in
more than 150 cities, 48states and 3 countries and has presented at national APCO and NENA



Kelli Merriweather
Commission on State 
Emergency Communications

NG9-1-1: An Update from Around the State

4/4/2022 Galleon I 3:30P - 4:40P

Presentation Outline

Click here


Bio pending...



Erica May
Memphis Police Emergency
Communications Bureau

A proud, self-described follower, Erica May ENP is a supervisor at the Memphis Police Emergency Communications Bureau. She started her public safety career with the agency in 2017 as a telecommunicator.  She currently serves on the communications committee of NENA’s WIN (Women in 9-1-1 Alliance).  Her writings on public safety and police/community relations have been featured in local and national publications. Erica is passionate about ambassadorship, followership and mentoring as avenues to spread positivity around the PSAP


Angela Rogers_edited.jpg

Fabricio Velez
AT&T FirstNet

Next Generation Emergency Services:

Uniting NG911nd 3GPP Networks

4/4/2022 Schooner 3:30P - 4:30P

Lead Solutions Architect in the FirstNet Customer Innovation Team leading the solution architecture definition, partner ecosystem qualification, and value proposition development of Next Generation Emergency Services: Integration of NG9-1-1 and FirstNet.

Over 20 years of wireless and wireline network design, solution development, and consulting with communications service providers and public safety agencies around the globe with a special emphasis on network and technology migrations.



Halcyon Frank
Denise Amber Lee Foundation 

Building Better Training

4/5/2022 Galleon II 8:00A - 10:15A 

 Halcyon Frank has spent the last seven years working in emergency communications, starting out at a large law enforcement agency before making the switch to  dispatching law, fire, and EMS. She now works full time in the private sector while also being an  instructor for the Denise Amber Lee Foundation and still working under the headset from time to time.



Tracy Ertl
HeroLight Training

Stress Relief and Communications

4/5/2022 Yacht 8:00A - 9:00A

Healthy Center 9-1-1

4/5/2022 Yacht 1:00P - 2:00P

Building Your 9-1-1 Hero Cape 

4/6/2022 Yacht 8:00A - 9:00A

 HeroLight Training Co-Owner Tracy C. Ertl has dedicated 28 years to public  safety communications, recently retired from Brown County Public Safety Communications, a  consolidated 911 center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.




Kenneth Murphy
Austin Police Department

The Fourth 9-1-1 Option - Mental Health


4/5/2022 Harbor 8:00A - 9:00A

Presenter -Ken Murphy is a Lieutenant with the Austin Police Department  and has served as the Emergency Communications Division Director for the last 5 years.


Co- Presenter Marisa Aguilar, LPC, is the Practice Manager of the Expanded Mobile Crisis Outreach Team at Integral  Care.


Kelli Merriweather

Terry Burnworth
Pyramid Consulting

Dispatcher Paradigms: The Next Generation Public Safety

Dispatcher Conditions

4/4/2022 Galleon II 3:30P - 4:30P

What's Up Doc? Social Media Deployments in the PSAP

4/5/2022 Harbor 1:00P - 2:00P

Managed Services vs Capital Investments:

Public Safety Procurement Considerations

4/5/2022 Galleon III 2:15P - 3:15P

Tail Wagging the Dog: The Hidden Approach to Public Safety Communications Procurement

4/6/2022 Schooner 8:00A - 9:00A

Erica May_edited.jpg

Angela Rodgers
Scott County SO

Hey, What's Your Number?

Introduction to Enneagrams

4/4/2022 Yacht 3:30P - 4:30P

 Angie Rodgers has been in public safety for 17 years. She is currently serving as  Communications Director for Scott County Sheriff’s Office in Benton, Missouri. She is also serving  Missouri as the Missouri 911 Directors Association Treasurer and Missouri APCO Secretary. 

Prior to becoming Communications Director she was a front line telecommunicator and trainer. She has  always found calm in all the chaos! 

Angie is engaged, has four children and two fur babies. When she isn’t working she is enjoying time with  her fiance and working on becoming Tik Tok famous!



J.C. Ferguson
Austin- Travis Co EMS

Listening Skills: Enhancing Ability and Reducing Barriers

4/5/2022 Galleon I 8:00A - 10:15A 

Thoughtful Curriculum Progress Applying Bloom's Taxonomy

4/5/2022 Galleon II 10:30A - 11:30A

 Father of two wonderful girls, JC Ferguson is a Commander at  Austin-Travis Co EMS in Austin, Tx. He oversees cadet training and continuing education for the  Communications division, as well as heads their Special Events and Emergency Response Team. JC  started working in public safety 2003 and has since worked in Bexar County - Tx, Billings Mt, and Chapel  Hill NC in various roles of Fire, EMS, and Emergency Communications.




Erin Powell
Texas Department of 
Public Safety

Company Culture- Improving Morale in the 911 Center

4/5/2022 Galleon III 9:15A - 10:15A

Erin Powell has worked in Law Enforcement for 15 years. She is currently a Telecommunicator  and trainer for the Texas Department of Public Safety and has also worked for Memorial Villages Police Department. She holds a Masters Telecommunicator’s Certificate as well as a  number of other certificates. She enjoys public speaking, leading and mentoring others and often  brings her passion for knowledge and teaching to her role as a trainer.


Tracy Ertl.JPG

Mike Wilson
Lion Strategy Group

Emergency Dispatch Resiliency: A Flood of Powerful and 

Unfamiliar Responses Pt 1

4/5/2022 Yacht 9:15A - 10:15A

Emergency Dispatch Resiliency: A Flood of Powerful and 

Unfamiliar Responses Pt 2

4/5/2022 Yacht 10:30A - 11:30A

Presenter- Mike Wilson is a proven leader, known for initiating and delivering sustained  results and effective, fundamental change.


Co- Presenter Mike Alexander- Mike Alexander is a nationally recognized expert in training and leadership  coaching, a specialty that began and flourished during his 38-year career in law enforcement and has  defined the years following his retirement from service.




Richard Kelly
911 DataMaster

Realities of Z Value Implementation Requirements

4/5/2022 Harbor 9:15A - 10:15A

Mr. Kelly has 25+ years of public and private sector GIS experience. He has  worked on numerous NENA NG9-1-1 standard’s development workgroups, including 3D GIS. Since 2015,  he has served as NENA’s liaison to NSGIC. Mr. Kelly has also assisted with and supports numerous State  GIS data standards for NG9-1-1. He is currently Vice-chair of the APCO SDC Technical Subcommittee.


Heather Vaughan-Joyner
Franklin County ECC

PSAP Real Talk: Navigating Difficult


4/5/2022 Galleon III 10:30A - 11:30A

Heather Joyner is a veteran with over two decades of public safety  telecommunications experience from the front lines of dispatching to communications director.



Sean Scott
SecuLore Solutions

Threat Awareness: How to Detect an Incident

Before it Takes Your ECC Down

4/5/2022 Harbor 10:30A - 11:30A

Lessons Learned from Recent Cyber


4/6/2022 Harbor 8:00A - 9:00A

 Sean Scott is CEO & CTO of SecuLore Solutions. With over 30 years as a  technology innovator and cybersecurity solutions architect, Sean Scott has been instrumental in  designing SecuLore’s patented cybersecurity solution. A combination of proprietary next-generation hardware and software offered as a service, through their Maryland security operations center (SOC). 


J Shepard_edited.jpg

Michael Thompson
Int'l Academy of Emergency 


Artificial Intelligence in the 9-1-1 Center:

Where are we Today and What Does the Future


4/5/2022 Schooner 2:15P - 3:15P

Mike Thompson is a retired career Fire Service Battalion Chief with 27 years of  Fire Service and Paramedic experience with the Rapid City Fire Department in Rapid City SD. Mike  served 12 years in the United States Army, the last 10 in 2nd Battalion, 5th Group, 1st Special Forces as a  Medical Sergeant. Mike is presently a Fire and Medical subject matter expert with the International Academies of Emergency Dispatch (IAED )and Priority Dispatch Corp. (PDC) based in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Joe Scaffidi

Bryce Wellman
Cedar Park PD

Breaking Trauma: Life After Surviving teh Las Vegas Massacre

4/5/2022 Galleon II 3:30P - 4:30P

Active Shooter: Life on the Lines

4/6/2022 Galleon I 9:15A - 10:15A

Bryce Wellman started his career in public safety in 2016 with the Cedar Park  Police Department. He is a Communications Training Officer and a member of the Peer Support team; as  well as, a licensed TCOLE instructor.


Anne Wiggs 
Ft Worth Police Communications 
Sofia Brabham    
Tarrant County 9-1-

Burnout and Compassion Fatigue

4/5/2022 Yacht 3:30P - 4:30P

Presenter Anne Wiggs is an Assistant Manager for Fort Worth Police Communications and  is a member of two peer support teams.


Co-Presenter  Sofia Brabham is the Lead Trainer for Tarrant County 9-1-1 District and a  member of the district’s peer support team.


Sherri Powell_edited.jpg

Frank Arico
Mission Critical Partners

Actionable Steps to Improve PSAP Cybersecurity 

Awareness and Prevention Efforts

4/5/2022 Schooner 9:15A - 10:15A

Frank is a business development manager who delivers high customer satisfaction by exceeding  expectations and business results. He establishes strong, collaborative partnerships and enables teams  to work efficiently and independently. Frank has years of experience working with communication  systems, internal networks, and IT equipment that support the security needs of public safety and  enterprise customers.



RIchard Kelley_edited.jpg

Dawn Shumway
Denise Amber Lee

Dawn is one of the instructors with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation. She is  also a Lead 911 Dispatcher with Davis County Sheriff's Office in Utah. Dawn is the UT APCO Vice  President, and has been in emergency services and dispatching since 2004.



Jim Pingle
Mission Critical Partners

The Role of Artificial Intelligence & Machine

Learning in Enhancing Public Safety & Justice

Decisions - Making

4/5/2022 Schooner 10:30A - 11:30A

 Presenter Jim Pingel has more than 25 years of diversified experience in project  management, data integration, service-oriented architecture, contract and account management,  budgeting, grant writing, program management, IT governance, and business architecture.


Sean Scott_edited.jpg

Jim Shepard
911 Datamaster

Deploying NG911/Core Service:

Real World Lesson

4/5/2022 Schooner 1:00P - 2:00P

 Jim Shepard is the COO of 911 Datamaster and is the Co-Chair of NENA's  Development Steering Council which oversees 9-1-1 standards development.

M Thompson_edited.jpg

Joe Scaffidi
NICE Public Safety

9-1-1 Beyond the Call:

Getting the Big Picture

4/5/2022 Harbor 2:15P - 3:15P

Joe Scaffidi, Regional Vice President, NICE Public Safety, has been a senior leader in public sector digital transformation solutions for close to two decades. Prior to joining and leading the Public Safety Americas solution team at NICE Public Safety, he spent 10 years specializing in Police & Fire rostering and scheduling at Kronos Incorporated.


Sherri Powell
Mission Critical Partners

Mission Continuity Management-

Preparing for the Unexpected

4/5/2022 Schooner 3:30P - 4:30P

Sherri brings years of experience in the public safety industry as a consultant, director and manager. As a senior communications consultant, she specializes in NG911 planning, funding and text-to-911. Sherri has presented text-to-911, as well as other industry topics at the national, state and local levels and is recognized as an industry subject matter expert on the interim short message service (SMS) text-to-911 solution.


Sherry LeVeque


OnStar Technology Update-

Beyond the Vehicle

4/5/2022 Harbor 3:30P - 4:30P

Sherry LeVeque is the Assistant Manager of OnStar’s Emergency  Services Outreach Team and focuses on public safety education of OnStar’s emergency and stolen  vehicle assistance technologies.



Matt Grogan
Denise Amber Lee Foundation


 Matt is a Public Safety Instructor with the Denise Amber Lee Foundation, who brings in  over 14 years of public safety communications experience. With that experience and through his passion  and enthusiasm for the job, he brings a raw and realistic teaching style to his trainings, presentations,  and keynotes.



Shari Forward
Galveston County

Effective Crisis Communication

Techniques for 9-1-1 Operators

4/6/2022 Galleon I 8:00A - 9:00A

Shari Forward has been member of the Law Enforcement family for over 35 years. She retired as a  Captain from the Friendswood Police Department, where she held this position in the Investigation,  Patrol and Administrative Divisions of the Department. Shari was also the Commander and Team Leader  for Friendswood’s SWAT Crisis/Hostage Negotiation Team.



Marcel Brunel
Brunel Group, LLC

People, Pressure & Personality

4/6/2022 Galleon II 8:00A - 9:00A

 A former US Army Airborne Ranger, Marcel Brunel has spent the last 27 years  working with organizations as an expert in psychometrics and talent development. While working  closely with many government organizations, he provides innovative, state-of-the-art assessment tools  used to measure how people make decisions, problem solve and build relationships.

Maureen Deickmann
CEO, Moetivations, Inc

Is It Possible to Prepare YOU Team for 

the (Un)Expected?

4/6/2022 Galleon II 9:15A - 10:15A

Bringing over 25 years of public safety industry experience, Maureen “Moe” Dieckmann arrives with  energy, conviction, and straight forward coaching… applying real world examples and humor in  leadership services that only Public Safety personnel can appreciate.


Green- Mongtomery_edited.jpg

Vanessa Green- Montgomery
Denco Area 9-1-1 District

GIS Enhancement for Improved

Location Display

4/6/2022 Schooner 9:15A - 10:15A

Vanessa is the GIS Supervisor for Denco Area 9-1-1 District leading a staff of three GIS specialists. She  supervises professional staff to create highly accurate GIS data for the Denco Area 9-1-1 District and  develops GIS data guidelines and standards for effective data creation, migration, collection, conversion,  translation, integration, and quality control.


Jason Fuqua
Director of Sales at RapidDeploy

Don't Be Left in the Dark: Keeping 9-1-1 Going with Disaster Recovery and Resiliency

4/5/2022 Schooner 8:00A - 9:00A

Jason Fuqua, VP of Sales at RapidDeploy, has been with RapidDeploy for 3 years, bringing modern technology to ECCs and PSAPs all over the country. Before joining RapidDeploy he worked with local and state governments consulting on Public Safety initiatives across the country specifically as they relate to 911 and First Responder communication solutions. He’s worked with 911 Boards and Public Safety Councils in multiple states championing technical, legislative, and governance advancements towards Next Generation 911.


Jason F thumbnail.png

Ricardo Martinez II 
Within the Trenches Media

Ricardo is a former 9-1-1 dispatcher of 13 years, hold three degrees, I am a former Director of Communications of a 9-1-1 solutions company, and I now run my own media company that revolves around Public Safety.

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